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The Circus 30k

The Circus 30k


December 14th @ McKinney Roughs: This is a run to write home about. The start/finish will be different from the race that we hosted here earlier in the season. Expect a totally different feel to this run. Here, you'll get to experience what we mean by "new take on racing". Get ready for what this area prides itself on: a wide variety of ecosystems with stunning, unexpected views. This won't be the bloodiest or muddiest run you've ever done, but we can guarantee its an amazing race to finish the year with! And with all of our races, expect to come out early for movie night and stay well into the next night for live music and good fun.


TEAM: Form a team of TWO, FOUR or SIX people. You'll have three loops to choose from: 7, 5 and 3 mile. After each loop, you'll pass the timing chip to a team member. Each team member must run at least once. This one will take some strategy! We will have tons to do at the start/finish, between cheering for your team!! Create and/or join a team here. Once your team is created, you'll receive an email with a direct registration link for your team members to use.